It just can’t…. 

There’ this guy… I’d be straight forward about it; I don’t like him. He keeps on courting me even if I said to stop.

He’s from my hometown and I don’t live there anymore. I don’t want him courting me for the fact that it’s very hard. We are very far from each other and I don’t want him exerting too much effort on courting me because there is really no assurance that I would give a YES as an answer.

So I made him stop as early as possible. I reasoned out and he said that he’d try. He’d do everything. Even if it takes a lot of effort, he would. He’d go here and ask me out on a date personally. He’d buy me gifts, flowers, and such. (Which by the way he really did.)

I told him if he ever did those things, there will still be no assurance of giving him a ‘yes’ in the end and then I asked him if he’s still willing to try and he still said yes. It’s okay for him to exert a lot of effort even if in the end it will be all for nothing, at least he tried. In my mind I was like, “what the f*ck is wrong with this guy?” and then I asked myself, “what the f*ck is wrong with me?”

I mean, he’s cute, a gentleman, fun to talk with, fun to be with, he’s a great guy but why can’t I just like him? Why can’t it just be him and not someone else?

Sometimes, no matter how great a person is, there is always something (someone) pushing you away from him/her. It’s just not him. It’s not fate. Not destiny.

It just can’t…

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My College Professor 

So I have this professor. She’s at her 30’s and she is still active on all sorts of blogs and social networks. It’s hard to see professionals having their own social networking life. It just seems so unusual.

Anyways, what I admire about her tumblr (personal) blog is that she’s not afraid to tell everything she feels with discreteness. She is not afraid to express it to everyone who might see her blog. Her students might see it but it seems that she has no care at all.

I love the way how open she is, the way she expresses herself. I admire her. So much.

Someday, I will be like her. I may not be perfectly like her, but I will always admire and try to follow her ways.

Hi ma’am, if by chance you’d see this, I am very sorry for stalking you. Don’t worry, I will keep your secrets. You’re never gonna hear me talk to people about your private life. It’s just that I admire you so much, that’s all. :)

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Changed my DP after 2 years. :)

Changed my DP after 2 years. :)

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Nakakatuwang ewan lang magbasa ng Bloggers-secret files. Pero yung totoo, nakakarelate talaga ko sa mga latest posts nila ngayon. NO OFFENSE, pero iba talaga…


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It’s better to know what’s really going on than waiting for something you aren’t sure of coming. 


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